Nixe Deutsche…

Yeah… I was told this evening that I have to write my blog-entries in English… and I finally agreed to write at least the next entry in English – but probably some more English ones will follow. At least once in a while 😉

But for now it’s just this one, and I’ll tell you a little bit about my day… As I write an astronomy exam tomorrow, guess what I did? Yes, right … I most of the time tried to prevent me from studying astronomy! (Important: It’s studying, not learning… even if I tend to make this mistake)

First I slept long (not very long, but long!), because I was at the „Deutsche Bankett“ yesterday, and went to an Irish Pub afterwards… and let’s put it this way: It was a pretty nice evening!
After standing up, finally, I got my breakfast and then wanted to start studying… okay, I didn’t want to – and therefore I didn’t do it. I remembered that I haven’t phoned Angela and Kai for a long time, and called them. After this call I thought that I now really should open my astronomy book, but before I was able to do so, I had an incoming skype-call from my Mom. Well, but afterwards I really started studying! That’s impressive, isn’t it?

Well, but not for long… because somewhen it was time for having lunch… and I was respsonsible for that today. I made some salmon with pasta. It wasn’t perfect, but it was at least eatable 😉

And after having lunch, the motivation for learning usually isn’t that good… so I somehow found stupid things to do at my laptop – as you may know: The internet ist reeeallly big!

But the rest of day mainly was studying – and having breaks with German comdey on youtube (or was it the other way round?)… „Comedy street“, kind of German „Happy trigger TV“. If I would have remembered the English name before, I perhaps would have seen it in English, but it just came into my mind right now. Well and now I prevent me from going to bed with writing blog entries… I guess I should act responsible now, stop it, and go to bed… Because tomorrow evening I have this exam… and afterwards there is a party – and I don’t want to be tired at the party, right? 😉

Oh, as it’s already past midnight I take the opportunity to gratulate Emily and Arvind to their birthday! (Or do I have to say birthdays – argh, is that complicated!) Well, just:

Happy Birthday!!!


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